Obtaining an Original Document without the stress of going through the long procedures is our goal, whether you want a second identity, or you want to delete old records of yourself and have a new document, we are here for you.

Our Team Specializes in making Identification documents like Passports, ID cards, Driver’s licenses, Birth Certificate, Residence permit, Death Certificates and all kind of identification documents across Europe, USA, Canada, Middle East and others,

Below are samples of our work

At the begining, we only operated on the darknet, but we noticed that more and more people need our services, and we understand the importance of refferals, which is why we do our best to satisfy you so you can refer us more.

We make Registered documents without the complex procedures and Examinations. if you have had your driver’s license taken before because of alcohol or points or whatsoever reason, we are here to help you get your document back, we also make residence permits and ID cards of all many countries without the need of applying. and the document will be registered and you will be able to use it for the respected amount of time given by the authorities, and its 100 percent renewable

With all our years of experience, we handle our job very passionately and we are sure to deliver the best.

After production, we will show you your documents, and also the right entries in the system before sending them to you via DHL which you will receive within a week depending on your location.

We understand the needs of our clients and we tailor our services to fit what you need. Be it a passport, ID Card, Driver’s License, Residence permit or any certificate.

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